Faculty Development Programme

Role of Teachers in changing Times, Mentoring and Nurturing

The Department of CSE conducted FDP on “Role of Teachers in Changing Times, Mentoring and Nurturing” during April 17th to 21st, 2018” . The FDP is aimed in the development of upgrading faculty Teaching skills and also on updating their subject knowledge. It is the knowledge, attitude, abilities and skills of individuals create value to the Institution. The focus is on developing teaching talent to meet the ever growing needs of hunger for the quality teaching.

Dr.B.Satyanarayana, Professor of CSE acted as Coordinator for FDP, Mr.P.Chandrashaker Reddy, Asst.Prof of CSE and Mr.Sanjeev Kumar , Asst. Prof of CSE supported him.

Resource Persons:

  • Prof.M.L.Saikumar Fellow of CSI
  • Dr.A.Sridhar Raj Asst.Professor, IPE

On 17th and 18th Apr 2018 FDP on Role of Teachers in Changing Times at CMRCET. Two participants (Mr. K Karthik and Ms.Srivani) were given a cash prize of Rs 500/- each (Rs 500/- X 2 = Rs 1,000/-).

The entire session is motivational and inspiring sir. We really had invested and utilized our time thoroughly. The sessions delivered by are awesome. We are looking forward for learning new things. We are really grateful to have you sir. Thank you so much sir!

B Archana,

The FDP is highly informative. Each and everything you taught would definitely help us in teaching learning process. I strongly believe all my colleagues also felt it useful. This was the best FDP I attended so far.

Karthik Jilla

This FDP is very good and it was more inspiring for each and every one of us. In this we got valuable points to improve our teaching standards

B Tulasi Das

Setting goals for future. but may be we need a kind of reminder from time to time. Such sessions boost us up and inspire us to be great teachers, The students who meet up after a long pause and meet a teacher personally to share how much a teacher has inspired their lives means a lot. I experienced it many times but such sessions inspire us further. Now I feel how my teachers have felt when I shared about them, how they made a difference. Please do continue doing this good job. Thank you very much.

Rosy Ronald

This FDP is very good. I learned many things how to be good and great teacher. How to control students like a parent. How to dress up and how to behave in social media with students, how to set a goal and be hold it until we succeed

G Sree Vani

I have attended a great FDPP these two days. Your presentation is superb. You are an eminent personality. From my point of view, this FDP should be made mandatory to every faculty who is working in colleges. This FDP is full of information. It’s fantastic sir. Thanks for awesome FDP

Sachin S Ahankari

The two day FDP was valuable in gaining knowledge about teaching in Engineering colleges. Learnt engineering updates about syllabus, teaching styles, upgrading skill set and setting goals for future. Leanrt how to guide, mentor and be a parental care to the students. Getting connected with motivational stories. Learnt about new innovations by people. Learnt importance and ethical sense of teaching and parenting. It is 3600 session coverage major concepts that guide us as teachers.

K Swapna