Consultancy Summary

Consolidated Summary of the Consultancy Projects 2016-17

S.No Title Faculty Incharge Duration Cost (Rs)

Department of Civil Engineering

1 Soil Exploration, Soil testing for given specimens , which consists of parking + 5 Floor at Jeedimetla, Hyderabad. Dr.K.Suresh 45 Weeks 1,10,000
2 Identifying the location of ground water. Dr.J.Srinivasa Rao 30 Weeks 1,15,000
3 Identifying of ground water for industrial use. Dr.M.Venkateswarulu 30 Weeks 1,16,000
4 Soil testing and find out SBC, at Macha Bolaram, Under Alwal,Malkajigiri Dr.K.Suresh 40 Weeks 1,20,000
5 SBC & Soil testing for given specimens located at plot No 202,Pr No 2-2-1136/10/05,suited at New Nallakunta Hyderabad. Dr.K.Suresh 45 Weeks 1,30,000
6 Identifying the location of ground water. Dr.J.Srinivasa Rao 30 Weeks 1,12,000

Department of EEE

7 Performance of fuzzy based P-Q control theory for DVR to mitigate voltage harmonics M.Divya Charitha
P.Pushpa Depthi
K.Chandra Shekar Reddy
6 Months 2,55,600
8 A hybrid PV wind system for dual inverter fed special winding induction motor Dr. S.Muthubalaji
Ch Shankar Rao
Jisha Bhubesh
P.Pushpa Depthi
6 Months 3,67,500
9 Hybrid fuzzy controller based united power quality conditioner for power quality improvements D.Bhanu Murthy
DRK .Sharma
Ms. Asha Pravalli
M.Vijaya Shanthi
6 Months 2,54,500

Department of Mechanical Engineering

10 Design FMEA and its Application of refrigeration compressor design S ShyamKumar
P.Ravi Kumar
Mr.santosh V Kulakarni
Mr. D. Ajay
12 Weeks 1,25,000
11 Implementation of quality management system and safety training. Dr.B.Srinivasa Varma
32 Weeks 1,23,000
12 Training and Implementation of lean Six N. Munish Babu
32 Weeks 4,51,000

Department of ECE

13 IOT based Raspberry pi Home security system with Email alert Dr. N. Satyanarayana
Mrs. Vandana Khare
5 Months 2,06,000
14 Tongue controlled wheel chair movement Dr. M. Sudhakar
Mr. P. Raveendra Babu
3 Months 2,28,000
15 Motion Triggered DSLR remote System Dr. B. Lokeswara Rao
Mr. M. Vedachary
9 Months 2,09,000
16 An online examination system using multi security measurements Dr. M. B. R. Murthy
Mrs. B. Premalatha
4 Months 2,51,000

Department of CSE

17 Academic Management Systems Dr V A Narayana
Dr K Vijaya Kumar
Dr K Ramakrishna
Dr K L S Soujanaya
Mr A Vivekanad
Mr K Venkateswara Rao
9 Months 8,00,400