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B.Tech - Electrical & Electronics

Prof. G.Devadas

Head of Department - EEE

Prof. G.Devadas is currently working as Professor, Electrical & Electronics Engineering in the Department of EEE, CMR College of Engineering & Technology, Kandlakoya, and Hyderabad. He obtained his B.Tech degree in 1997 from NAGARJUNA UNIVERSITY, M.Tech degree in 2002 with a specialization in Power Systems and Automation from ANDHRA UNIVERSITY, VISAKHAPATNAM, INDIA and presently pursuing his PhD from JNTU Hyderabad. He had 13 years of teaching experience. During his teaching career he taught various subjects like Electrical Machines, Power Systems and Control Systems, etc. His research interests include Power Quality, Wavelet Transforms, Neural & Fuzzy expert Systems. He guided several in-house projects for both UG and PG students and published 16 papers in journals and conferences. He acted as a principal investigator for two Research funded projects titled “ Frequency Control and Voltage Control of Wind Power System” and “ Analysis of Power Quality Disturbances and Fault detection using Adaptive Wavelet Network” .

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